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Why use Office 365 for Business?

So why use Office 365 for Business, well here are a few reasons below:

It’s Scalable

It can grow with the business, you simply purchase licenses as you need them and remove them just as easily. You have various options of applications within the different license types to best suite your specific needs.

Multi device support up to 5 devices

Office 365 can support up to 5 devices per license whether it be Mobile,Tablet,Desktop or workstation you will always be connected and only use one license saving you money.

Saves you Money

It’s subscription based and you can pay either monthly or yearly. Budgeting becomes easy to do as you can download the Invoices off the portal. Tighter financial control on the subscriptions can be maintained when users are on boarded or leave.

No need for Hosting Hardware onsite

As this is in the cloud it reduces the capital outlay for purchasing new hardware, for example no need for Exchange servers, Storage for Email etc.

Built in Security Features
  • Message encryption  -Allows you to encrypt Email.
  • Data Loss Prevention -This Feature helps prevent sensitive information from leaving the organisation, if this is enabled it scans for information like credit card information, social security numbers etc.
  •  Mobile Device Management – If enabled can remotely wipe data to safeguard information getting into the wrong hands.
  •  Advanced threat Analytics – Analyzes mail for any suspicious looking activity.
Working Remotely
One of the biggest benefits to office 365 is the ability to work from anywhere that has an internet connection, You are able to access you Applications online at anytime affording you flexibility.
Ticketing and Community support
Its a simple process for the Administrator to open a ticket for support on the dashboard panel. They can specify the level of severity and expect a prompt response. There is also a large amount of community support out there ranging from blogs to forums.
Up to Date Version
As this is subscription based you no longer have to commit to a package and budget for the next iteration of the software. Saving you money and keeping you up to date with security and other features released.
Online Backup of work
You can save your work onto One drive and gain access whenever you want.
These are but a few reasons why you should use office 365 for Business…