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What is Cloud Computing?

So what is Cloud Computing? Well technically it’s not a new thing it has been around for a while now.Think of how the internet evolved and how you access information across it. Simply put it consists of IT Services that are hosted by a provider such as; Amazon – AWS and Microsoft’s – Azure (Public Cloud). There are a lot of Providers out there.

So what are these services they provide, well for one Computing Power, Storage and Applications. It’s an on Demand service so you can simply log onto there site and purchase what you need. (E.g I need a web server to host a site, simply log on purchase the computing power I need and the space required).

There are variations of how you want to implement it as well, You can go Public Cloud , Hybrid Cloud ,Private Cloud.

Differences between Public, Hybrid and Private Cloud Computing?

  • Public – A service provider makes resources available to the public via the internet. Think AWS/Azure and the Computing power, Storage, Application offers – Benefits are scalability, pay as you go options available, cost saving not having to host your own Infrastructure.
  • Public cloud can be broken down further into the services they offer as well:
  1. Software as a Service (Saas) – Users access applications as a service e.g Office 365 for Business.
  2. Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) – Think the Hardware and data resources rented out at a pay as you go fee.
  3. Platform as a Service (Paas) – Hardware and Software tools are provided by third part developers for example application development.
  • Private – Where an organisation would have its own architectural structure, with its own internal hardware and host its own cloud services within an organisation. Benefits would be security and tighter governance.
  • Hybrid – Combination of both Private and Public . An example if you wished to store your own personal data onsite via private cloud but run applications that use that personal data via a public cloud