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Information Technology Organised

Staying information Technology Organised can be a grind. You can easily feel overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities you can have.

So how do you become Information Technology Organised?

A few tips that might work for you…. 

  • Speak up – Speak to your line manager and the head of the department, see what tasks can be delegated. E.g Password resets can be handled by heads of departments,hence Less open tickets and less users having to wait. It’s a simple delegation configuration and can free up valuable time for other things.
  • Prioritize your workload – Put a ticketing system in place, and also make sure that users are aware of how to create tickets.
  • Work Calender’s – Setting up calendar reminders can help plan out your day as well as let others know what your day looks like.
  •  Find a Tech savvy person – In each department find a buddy, bribe them with coffee if you have too, it’s amazing how many small issues can be resolved before coming to the IT department. Make them the filter before coming to the IT department.
  •  Have good procedures and policies in place and constantly remind departments and users on how these work.
  • Automate as many things as possible, doing things manually can be fun at first but soon becomes repetitive and unnecessary.
  • Visual Diagrams –  Make sure you document Network Diagrams. Keep it simple and easy to understand.
  • IT Documentation – Keep your IT Documentation up to date.
  • Do regular Audits – This helps you maintain oversight.
  • Clean up Active Directory – Make sure you test and cleanup active directory regularly. This helps things from becoming cluttered and will give you a heads up if things start to fail.
  • Make sure there are backups in place if things go wrong. 
  • Keep Calm It’s easy to get flustered, being in a calm frame of mind will make you more productive.