Active Directory is a Microsoft technology that runs various services and features used to identify and manage how network resources are accessed . It was first released with windows 2000. It stores data into objects. It provides Central Management.

There are 5 Roles of Active Directory namely: 

  • Active Directory Domain Services:

Stores data centrally, manages user and domain communication. Users, Computers , Policies 

  • Active Directory Federation Services:
Is a Single Sign On Solution by Microsoft. It works by providing a proxy service between the users application and active directory.
  • Active Directory Certificate Services:

This is a role that allows you to create a public key infrastructure (PKI) ,provides public key cryptography, digital certificate and digital signatures, Provides a way of building your own Certificate authority.

  • Active Directory Rights Management Services:
Used to protect data by enforcing policies.
  • Active Directory Light Weight Directory Services(LDAP):
Its an application protocol that is used over a IP network to manage and access the distributed directory information service, This is usually organised in a hierarchical structure.

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