What is DHCP?

DHCP – Dynamic Host Control Protocol, It’s a protocol that quickly pushes out, automatic and central management distribution of IP Addresses within a network. It also automatically assigns Gateway, DNS and Subnet masks.

So how does it Work?

A Host will request an IP address (using DHCP discover packet) from the DHCP server. After the DHCP server assigns the unique address (DHCPOFFER packet) to the Host. The Host will accepts the offer from the server and send back a DHCPREQUEST packet that it has accepted it. The Server then sends an ACK packet to say that’s its acknowledged it.

So what are some of the advantages of using DHCP?

  • Less chance of using the same IP address, so less conflicts
  • Less work needs to be done to assign addresses, Static Addresses do not need to be assigned
  • Less Administration needed from the Admin as its automatically assigned
  • Addresses can be released and renewed to other devices depending on how long you wish them to be assigned for
  •  Less Prone to errors as its configured automatically

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